I’m Enrique and this is the reason I started doing cooking classes…

Born from a Spanish mother and an Italian father I was raised in the two kitchens of my grandmothers and I started cooking since a really young age, I loved it as it was for me a space of creativity, fun and great experiences.

As a teenager, I begun to cook also for my family and friends, always trying to do it better, to add something which was not in the recipe, to create something different without losing sight of the traditional method and the taste.

As I went to the university, where I got a degree in Art History, I cooked for big groups of friends, and after finishing my studies I went to work to London where our dinners at Dalston Lane became famous among our group of friends, with people from all over the world: Spanish, Italians, English, Japanese, Koreans, Thai, Chinese and many more.

Coming back to Barcelona was a time of change as I tried to do many different jobs which I never liked until I focused on my passion: food and cooking. I did a Master in Gastronomic Innovation at CETT University and I started working as a food guide, doing a variety of tours throughout the city, some centred in a neighbourhood, some on a specific theme as Tapas, Wine, Traditional Food etc.

However, my dream was to be able to give people a real experience of what our food really is and the traditions, history and meaning behind it: food is the only way to understand a culture without the need of staying in the place for months (or years), and that is what you are going to experience in my cooking classes. You will get to know the basics of Spanish and Catalan cooking, so that you will be able to perform incredible dishes when back home.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the most wonderful food experience in town!