This an example of how creativity and sometimes shortage of products can lead you to a wonderful discovery. Prawns and shrimps have been eaten raw among the Mediterranean area from the beginning of human history, however nowadays it is common to marinate them as to cook them a little bit, usually with some citrus juice…

One day I was ready to prepare this dish, I had red prawns, the unmissable extra virgin olive oil, the salt, but I didn’t have any lemon left in the fridge, I looked around and I saw some raspberries and I thought to myself that the acidity of the berries would be sufficient to pair the sweetness of the prawn and the discovery was made!

It was not just as good as with lemon juice, but much better, as the raspberries didn’t interfere with the subtle taste of the raw prawn.

Try to believe it!


* Prawns will be bought fresh and then frozen for at least 48 hours to make sure they are safe to eat raw.