I want to make clear one thing from the beginning: Salmon is not a product from this area, there’s still a few in the northern rivers of Spain (in the region of Asturias) but their population is really low and it is forbidden to fish them. The problem with using other fishes which could work with the same method is that are usually seasonal and it’s a gamble trying to find them in the local markets (as Bonito, Yellowfin Tuna or Mackerel), the only one that could really suit this dish would be Bluefin Tuna but it’s an endangered species and buying that fish goes against my philosophy.

So, the importance in this dish will be the method, marinate it with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and salt, that is the Mediterranean “ceviche”; also, by using a fish which is easily found everywhere around the world (Salmon) it would make it simple for you to replicate it at home.

If you live by the sea there are other non-commercial fishes that can be used as Dorado (or Mahi-Mahi), Albacore Tuna or Yellowfin Tuna.

* Salmon will be bought fresh and then frozen for at least 48 hours to make sure they are safe to eat raw.